Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully. When you agree to purchase from KLEVA RANGE™, you enter into a contract with us, and you accept that you will be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this notice.

This sale agreement is a legally binding contract between you and KLEVA RANGE™.
KLEVA RANGE™ reserves the right to change the terms and conditions on this site without notice to you. You will be bound by the terms and conditions operating at the time you placed your order with us.
All prices include GST.

Title to the goods purchased by you remains with us until you have paid for them. Once the goods are paid for in full, the title will pass to you.
Where goods are not purchased for your personal or household or domestic use, KLEVA RANGE™ expressly excludes all conditions and warranties, expressed or implied, as to merchantability, fitness for purpose.

Orders made by you for products on our website or in our catalogues are not binding on KLEVA RANGE™ until accepted by us.
You are unable to change or cancel your order after we have accepted it.
Access to the KLEVA RANGE™ website shall be provided by your internet service provider. KLEVA RANGE™ will not be liable for failure of service by your internet service provider.

KLEVA RANGE™ will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that information on the website is accurate and correct, but makes no representations as to the accuracy of the information. KLEVA RANGE™ assumes no liability for any errors or omissions contained on the website.

KLEVA RANGE™ will send you the goods you ordered within 28 business days of receipt of your payment.

KLEVA RANGE™ offers a thirty day return policy on all products.
KLEVA RANGE™ may offer more than a thirty day return policy on selected products at its discretion and subject to change without notice.

Under the thirty day return policy KLEVA RANGE™ will reimburse you the cost of your product if returned because you have changed your mind or for a reason other than fault or failure. KLEVA RANGE™ will not refund the postage and handling on the product returned under this clause.

Where a product is returned under warranty, KLEVA RANGE™ will refund your postage and handling costs provided your product meets all of the warranty requirements and you have a copy of the return postage receipt. Please call the customer service centre on (02) 9387 4100 to redeem your refund.

You must call KLEVA RANGE™ to obtain a product return number prior to returning your product.
The product must be returned in its original packaging, complete with all contents as shipped to you.

You must enclose the following details with the returned product:
1. A copy of your invoice
2. Your product return number
3. Your contact telephone number.
KLEVA RANGE™ will not be responsible for items that are lost or misdirected. You are strongly advised to send your returned product by registered post.
You may not return goods to KLEVA RANGE™ after the thirty day return period has expired unless you are exercising your rights under statutory conditions and warranties that cannot be excluded.

KLEVA RANGE™ may advertise payment plans where you pay the purchase price of the goods you have ordered by monthly installment. If you pay by credit card you agree that KLEVA RANGE™ may debit your card each installment until payment in full.
If KLEVA RANGE™ attempts to debit your card and you have insufficient funds to pay the installment, we may at our discretion ask you to do one or more of the following things:
1. pay the missed installment;
2. pay any charges or fees charged to KLEVA RANGE™ for the failed attempt to debit the instalment amount;
3. pay the balance owing on your account immediately.

KLEVA RANGE™ may report you to a credit reporting agency if you default in payment of the goods.
KLEVA RANGE™ may charge you interest calculated daily at the rate of 9% per annum on the balance outstanding on your account from the date payment was due until payment in full if you default in payment of your account.

If you default in any payments due to KLEVA RANGE™ you agree to pay us on demand all costs, expenses and liabilities incurred by us in connection with or in the actual or attempted exercise or enforcement of this sale agreement.

This sale agreement shall be governed by the law of the State of New South Wales.
This sale agreement contains all the terms and conditions contained in our contract with you, and cannot be modified without the written consent of either party.
If you disagree with any of the terms contained in this sale agreement, then please do not shop at this website.

Terms and Conditions for use of Web Site

By accessing or shopping on this website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
You agree that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions contained on this website.

You are granted a limited licence to access the information on the KLEVA RANGE™ website. You are not permitted to modify, copy, or interfere in any way whatsoever with this website except without the express written authority of KLEVA RANGE™.
You are not permitted to use the KLEVA RANGE™ trademark, logo or any graphic without the express written authority of KLEVA RANGE™.

Copyright in material contained on this website is held and asserted by KLEVA RANGE™, or is licensed to KLEVA RANGE™. The information contained on this website may not be reproduced in any way whatsoever, and includes but is not limited to copying, disseminating, transmitting, posting or downloading the information by any means, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or recording without the express written permission of KLEVA RANGE™.

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners and are used under license by KLEVA RANGE™. KLEVA RANGE™ is the registered trademark of KLEVA RANGE™.

KLEVA RANGE™ shall not be responsible for any loss of damages, however occurring, resulting as a consequence of your use of this website. Limitation of liability is extended but not limited to negligence, special, consequential, direct or indirect damages, including but not limited to loss of data, profit or any other loss however caused resulting from your use of this website.

You agree to be bound by the laws of the State of New South Wales.
You agree that you are over 18 years of age, and that if you are under the age of 18 years that you are supervised by your parent or guardian whenever you use this website. If you are under 18 years, KLEVA RANGE™ reserves the right to refuse you service, to terminate your account, or to cancel your contract.

KLEVA RANGE™ will not be held responsible where your account or computer terminal is used without your consent. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account and access to your computer terminal. It is your duty to keep your credit card in a secure location, and not to divulge your details so as to permit unauthorized use.

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