1. How do I wash it?

To wash the duster head, simply rinse under warm water and leave to dry. Leave the duster to dry out naturally, and do not apply heat to it as this may damage the static fibres. 

2. Do the heads bend?

Yes! The duster head bends up to 90 degrees and so can be moulded into any shape!
It may be stiff to bend initially, however please do not be scared to apply some pressure when doing this. The duster can be bent anywhere along the fluffy head and moulded to your desired shape. Please do not bend the black handle. 

3. What is the duster made from? 

The Kleva Miracle Magnetic Duster head is made from soft blended electrostatic fibres which create an electrostatic charge when used which attract the dust like a magnet.

4. How do you increase the static charge on the duster?

Amazingly, the more you use the Miracle Magnetic Duster the more the static charge will increase. Surfaces around the home such as TV units, computer screens and shiny plastics are the most effective for increasing the electrostatic charge on the duster.

5. Is it safe to use on delicate glass and mirrors?

Certainly! The Kleva Magnetic Duster is made from super soft bristles which pick up dust on all your furniture without scratching the surfaces or leaving streaks on your mirrors. 

6. How long is the extension pole that comes with the duster? 

The duster itself is 69cm, and with the extension pole it gives you an added reach of 1.77m (tip to base), perfect for those high ceiling fans and hard to reach areas. 

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