1. How long does one blade last?

The Sympler Safety Razor™ is a timeless classic, of a traditional one blade, barber’s razor. These blades are designed to last longer than the newer multiblade razors and refills. One blade should last up to one month of regular usage.

2. Where can I purchase replacement blades?

Our fantastic offer for the Sympler Safety Razor™ includes 60 double sided single blades. Should you require additional blades, please call our friendly Customer Call Centre on 02 9387 4100 to purchase more at an exclusive ‘TV only’ price.

3. Can the Sympler Safety Razor™ be used on your head?

Always use your Sympler Safety Razor™ with caution as blades can be extremely sharp. The Sympler Safety Razor™ can be used on your face, head or any other region of your body you would normally shave.

4. Is the Sympler Safety Razor™ made from Stainless Steel?

The Sympler Safety Razor™ has been exquisitely made with stainless steel, however as with all standard and multiblade razors there is a tendency for these blades to rust being constantly subjected to a wet environment. In order to preserve the longevity of your blade, we advise after every use to gently twist the handle to open the razor head, carefully lift out the blade touching the dull sides and then rinse under running water. Leave this blade out to dry on a towel before replacing and sealing the razor head by the handle once again.

5. Why is one blade better than multiple blades?

Traditionally, barbers have always used a singular blade on their customers as these blades are renowned to give you a closer, softer, smoother shave. But over time large companies introduced the multiblade razors onto the market, so they could charge more money. There is no evidence to suggest, that multiblades are better than the singular blade. In fact, studies show that singular blades reduces the chance of razor burn and ingrown hairs. With Sympler Safety Razor™ you will get a closer, sharper, smoother shave leaving your face feeling softer and less irritated. This double edge safety razor uses a single cutting edge to cut the hair cleanly without pulling or grabbing on the skin.

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