1. How much weight will my Kleva Hook™ hold?

Kleva Hooks™ are the perfect hanging solution, with a firm grip for organising your home without causing damage to the walls. Kleva Hooks™ will hold up to 3kgs of weight per hook. Perfect for holding your Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™or bathroom organiser for shampoos and conditioner.

2. How does Kleva Hook™ stick to my wall?

Simply find a clean smooth space for your Kleva Hook™, such as a tile or bathroom wall, and wipe with a damp cloth. Dry the surface. Peel away the protective backing to reveal the sticky side of your hook. Firmly, press the hook against the surface of your choice and start hanging.

3. Where can I use my Kleva Hooks™?

Kleva Hooks™ are perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, shed, office, camping, boat trips and more.

4. Can I move my Kleva Hooks™?

Kleva Hooks™ are easily transferable from wall to wall. Reuse them over and over again. Simply ensure each surface you attach them to is clean, dry and smooth. Should your Kleva Hook™ lose a little of it’s stickiness, simply rinse under water with washing liquid to clean the surface and re-expose the sticky side.

5. Can I use my Kleva Hooks™ in the shower?

The Kleva Hooks™ adhesive affixes to any shower surface holding the Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror™ shaving mirror solidly in place. No more suction cups falling off of the wall.

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