1. Will my batter leak out of the Bake Snake™?

For 95% of cake mixes there will be no leakages, a very runny batter may result in minimal leakage if aluminium foil has not been used correctly.

2. How easy is it to mould a shape?

Extremely easy. Simply connect two bake snakes together by laying them on a flat surface and connecting the two ends together.

3. What side of the Bake Snake do I use?

Make sure that the smooth side is on the inside, and the side with the pillars is on the outside.

4. What is the size of a Bake Snake™?

One Bake Snake™is 7.5cm in length - 5.5cm in width.

5. How do I get sharp corners?

All you have to do is interlock two Back Snakes at a 90 angle.

6. Do I have to grease the Bake Snake™?

No, that’s not necessary since the Bake Snake is made out of silicon.

7. How many Bake Snakes can I use?

As many as you want. Just remember the more you make, the large the cake!

8. How do I remove the Bake Snake™?

Caution Bake Snakes are hot and retain heat! Always use appropriate equipment to remove any hot items from the oven. Place the tray on a safe, heat resistant surface, and let the cake cool down.
Once the cake has cooled, safely remove he bake snake form the cake. Start at one corner and unclip one section. Then proceed to pull the Bake Snake away from the cakes edge.

9. How many shapes can I make?

You can make over 50 shapes, letters & numbers!

10. How much do I have to reduce my cooking time by?

You will need to reduce cooking time by 10% as the Bake Snake is made of silicon which means it will cook faster. (If baking time is 40 min, reduce the cooking process by 4 min = 36min total)

11. What else can I use my Bake Snake™ for?

If you can bake it, you can shape it.

12. What’s in the book?

When you order your Bake Snake™, our current offer includes a FREE Recipe book. This 20 page book is a comprehensive recipe guide filled with a collection of exciting and best loved cake recipes, shape and cake ideas for your next cake, so you can get the most out of your Bake Snake™.

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