1. What are the uses for my Kleva Shears Pro™?

Kleva Shears Pro™ are the ultimate gardeners accessory. They make cutting and chopping trees, branches, sticks and plants quick and easy. Keep unruly trees and branches in shape and transform your garden the simple way.

2. What are the special features on my Kleva Shears Pro™?

Kleva Shears Pro™ have a 3 to 1 ratchet mechanism to make cutting through the thickest of branches a breeze. This mechanism reduces the pressure and strain in your arms and converts it into power in the blade. Plus the Kleva Shears Pro™ have extendable arms to make cutting even the tallest trees achievable. Stop straining and stretching or paying for expensive gardeners when you can get yourself a pair of Kleva Shears Pro™ today for a special, TV only price.

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