1. Can I put my Kleva Cut® knives in the dishwasher?

All knives need proper care if you want them to perform to their full potential. It is NOT recommended that you put your Kleva Cut® Knives in the dishwasher. It is recommended that you wash your Kleva Cut® Knives by hand in warm water with mild dishwashing liquid and water. After washing, dry your Kleva Cut® knives with a clean, dry towel and store in your Kleva Cut® satchel.

2. Will my Kleva Cut® knives rust?

Kleva Cut® knives are made with superior quality Japanese Vamolcrium® 18 stainless steel. This combination steel is designed not to rust. Whilst all care is taken to ensure it is stainless, it is not 100% stain proof. Ensure you follow the care instructions to ensure the longevity of your knives.

3. How can I tell if it is an authentic Kleva Cut® knife that I am purchasing?

Look for the Genuine Kleva Quality Logo both on the website, on your product and your product packaging to guarantee you only purchase the authentic Kleva® brand that you know and trust.

4. What if I get little nicks and chips in my blade?

For optimum results always store your Kleva Cut® knives in the Kleva® satchel provided. This will prevent nicks and cuts in your blades. Nicks and cuts occur with normal use of any blade so don’t panic if this has happened. Use your Kleva Cut® Sharpening Rod or your Kleva Sharp Pro® to get your knife back to pristine sharpness, just like the day you bought it.

5. Can I get my Kleva Cut® Knives professionally sharpened?

Sharpening your Kleva Cut® knives is recommended, using the Kleva Cut® Sharpening Rod or your Kleva Sharp Pro® to ensure premium quality and longevity in your Kleva Cut® Knives. Should you prefer to have your Kleva Cut® Knives sharpened professionally, ensure you only use a reputable sharpening service you know and trust.

6. What is the guarantee on my Kleva Cut® Knives?

At Kleva Range® we understand the importance of having superior quality products you can trust. We offer a 10 year money back guarantee on our entire Kleva Cut® Knife range. We are so confident in the quality of our products, we even guarantee that if “you break it we replace it”. You’ll love our exceptional Kleva Cut® Knife Range.Please call our friendly Customer Call Centre on 02 9387 4100 to assist you in this matter.

7. What does my guarantee cover?

Your Kleva Cut Master Series® knife set will be free from defect in material, construction or workmanship for a minimum of 10 years under normal use and following the care instructions. Excluding damage caused by misuse or accident. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, discolorations from food and rust spots are not covered however knife chips and broken knife tips, can often be repaired by re-sharpening. Discolouration’s and rust spots can be avoided by following the care instructions. This warranty extends only to Kleva Cut Master Series® original purchaser.

8. How do I redeem my warranty?

Please ensure you complete your guarantee form on our website worldsbestknife.com.au under the Kleva You heading when you purchase your Kleva Cut® Knife set. Please call our friendly Customer Call Centre on 02 9387 4100 should you need assistance at any time.

9. Can I order Kleva Cut® Knives if I am under 18?

We can only accept orders from customers 18 years or over due to Australian Regulations. By purchasing this product online you agree to these terms and conditions.

10. Why choose the Kleva Cut® Knife Range?

Unlike other knives on the market today, the Kleva Cut® Knife range has been designed with you, the customer in mind. Superior quality with a perfected weighted and balanced handle, precision cutting technology and proven performance, ensures Kleva Cut® stays a cut above the rest. All knives are crafted using the finest Japanese Vamolcrium® 18 Stainless Steel and features the exclusive MRE sharpening technology.

11. Where can I purchase the Kleva Cut® Knife Range?

Call our friendly Customer Service Team on 02 9387 4100

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